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21 Jan 2024 | Sun 15:54
Vice President of the Elections Commission, Ismail Habeeb
Vice President of the Elections Commission, Ismail Habeeb
Elections Commission
2024 Parliamentary Election
Complaints window for the Parliament Election's voters list closed
The window closed at 03:00 pm, 21 January 2024
The list of eligible voters for the 2024 parliamentary elections was made public by the EC, on 10 January
A total of 284,327 are eligible to vote as of March 17

The complaints window opened for the upcoming 2024 Parliament Election's voters list has been closed.

The Elections Commission of the Maldives (EC) opened for complaints regarding the voters list on 10 January 2024. The window closed at 03:00 pm, 21 January 2024.

The list of eligible voters for the 2024 parliamentary elections was made public by the EC, on 10 January. The registry will be publicly available in the Government Gazette, the Commission's website as well as from the island and city councils.

A total of 284,327 persons, including 139,165 women and 145,162 males, are eligible to vote as of March 17, 2024, according to the Commission.

The 2024 Parliamentary election has been slated for 14 March 2024.

Noting that this year's Parliamentary Election falls during the month of Ramadan, the commission stated that holding the election during a later date of the month would lead to administrative decisions. Hence the commission slated the election for 14 March, which is also the 7th of Ramadan 1445.

Additionally, the Elections Commission noted that it will be challenging to persuade the schools to set up the polling stations, given that the week following the Fitr Eid holidays will be exam week, per the updated academic calendar issued by the Ministry of Education. The EC stated that as a result, the commission won't have enough locations to set up polling stations for the election.

Earlier, the Vice President of the commission, Ismail Habeeb had stated that the commission has held several rounds of discussions regarding allocating a date for the parliamentary polls, and that the commission has also been seeking the views and thoughts of political parties on the matter.

Although it was earlier revealed that the date for the parliamentary polls for 2024 would be announced on 07 January, the announcement was postponed after the commission received a letter from the former ruling party, on 04 January.

Habeeb had noted that the commission would look into a number of factors when deciding the date for the Parliamentary Election, including considering what would be most convenient for the people as well as the candidates.

He has stated that the commission would look into the challenges it would face while conducting the elections and the situation under which the best arrangement can be made.

Stressing that the voter turnout for the polls is expected to be lower than the 2023 presidential election, Habeeb said that the voter turnout in the local council elections is also low.

With this, he stressed that it was possible that the voter turnout would be low if the elections were to coincide with the fasting month of Ramadan.

EC has sought from the People’s Majlis Independent Institutions Committee to decide that a date for the parliamentary elections can be allocated by the commission. The president of the commission has stated that issues would surface if the parliamentary elections were delayed, and that this was the reason why it took a long period for a date for the election to be fixed.

According to the People’s Majlis, the new parliament which begins in 2024 will have 93 seats. These include two constituencies added to Malé City. From 2024, the capital city will have a total of 17 seats.

One seat each has been added to Baa atoll, Kaafu atoll, Gaaf Alif Atoll and Seenu Atoll as well.

The Parliamentary Election ought to take place thirty days prior to the expiry of the current parliamentary term.

The Maldivian constitution states that April 28 is the deadline for all matters pertaining to the Parliamentary Election.

The applications for the 2024 Parliamentary Election would be opened on 30 January. The application deadline is set on 17 February 2024.

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