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18 Jan 2020 | Sat 08:19
The men were arrested from Kanduhulhudhoo on Friday evening
The men were arrested from Kanduhulhudhoo on Friday evening
Child Sexual Abuse
Child sexual abuse case: grandfather, great grandfather issued 15-day remands
Two of the men were remanded by 15 days
Initially, three were arrested under accusations of rape against a two-year-old

Two out of the three men arrested under accusations of raping a two-year-old, have been remanded.

The court ordered a 15-day remand on the 62-year-old and the 82-year-old on Friday night.

The case of sexual assault against a two-year-old arose from Kanduhulhudhoo island in Gaaf Alif atoll late Thursday and implicated in the case are the two-year-old’s father, grandfather and great grandfather. The arrests came after police assured the public that they are investigating the matter as a serious case.

The 33-year-old was arrested from a flat in Hulhumalé on Friday night, "while he was in hiding" and taken to Dhoonidhoo Detention Center, revealed authorities.

RaajjeMV understands that the three men were allegedly involved in the rape case, while her mother was in capital city Malé due to health issues. While sources report that the parents are drug users, police confirmed that they have criminal records.

The disturbing news took social media by storm, with several users calling for the resignation of Gender Minister Shidhatha Shareef. Not long after, protesters took to the streets of capital city Malé and its suburban extension Hulhumalé. A large crowd gathered outside a flat 108, where the father of the child "was in hiding".

It has been long since authorities have been drawing public criticism, especially the Gender Ministry for inadequate action taken against child sex offenders and to curb the crime. Such cases have been reported frequently of recent and the Gender Ministry claims this is because public awareness is notably increasing regarding the crime.

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