Bodufinolhu unrest

1,447 - 2020-07-03

The unrest began on Thursday when a large group of migrant workers secured the Bodufinolhu island in Baa atoll, being developed as a resort, and took 12 Maldivians into captivity, through the protests. The protests churned due to unpaid salaries for months and a few police officers were injured in the confrontation.

The area where expatriate workers were residing in the island. The contractor held discussions with the police to resolve the issue. Photo by RaajjeMV.

SO officers were active on the island to control the unrest. Photo by RaajjeMV.

Riz Private Limited had informed the authorities of the issue twice before. Photo by RaajjeMV.

12 Maldivians were being held hostage. Photo by RaajjeMV.

A glass window shattered during the unrest. Photo by RaajjeMV.

Expats protested due to the delay in paying salaries. Photo by RaajjeMV.

It has been revealed that they had not been paid their wages of 7,000 per month as well as other allowances, for months. Photo by RaajjeMV.

Contractor Riza stated that monthly salaries were billed to Seal Maldives every month since January 1. Photo by RaajjeMV.

The group agreed to resolve the issue, through dialogue. Photo by RaajjeMV.

A few police officers were injured in the confrontation Photo by RaajjeMV.

Police officers are collecting work permit details of all of the expatriate workers. Photo by RaajjeMV.

The expatriate workers agreed to work peacefully with the authorities to resolve the issue. Photo by RaajjeMV.