Expatriate workers protest

Expat workers take to the streets regarding unpaid wages

  • About 60 expatriate workers took part in the protest
  • Officers are active in the region
  • Participants protested against the issue of delayed payments in wages

K. Male' 2020 Jul 06 | Mon 14:54 local 4,731

The protest began on Monday afternoon - Twitter / @nautymatox

A group of expatriate workers have taken to the streets in Hulhumalé, in protest against the issue of unpaid wages.

Social media users posted pictures not long after the expatriate workers began protesting, however, relevant authorities are yet to confirm the matter.

RaajjeMV understands that the group of expatriate workers is protesting due to the issue of long-drawn-out delay in settling their due salaries.

Sources have reported that police are active in the region and videos have since been circulating on social media, which show confrontations between protesters and the police officers.

Police have revealed that they have dispersed a crowd attempting to create unrest in the region.

Further, RaajjeMV also understands that protesters are workers in the projects of constructing housing units for police and Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) officers.

About 60 expatriate workers took part in the protest.

This comes at a time a group of over 200 enraged expatriate workers very recently took over 10 Maldivians as hostages, due to a similar issue.

The case surfaced over the weekend, after the expatriate workers stopped Maldivian workers in Bodufinolhu island from leaving the island. They then held them captive and secured the island. The group even attacked police officers who attempted to enter the island, with rocks and metal rods.

However, the group had later made peace with officers through dialogue. A number of expatriates were arrested and remanded in connection to the case, and they even inflicted damage on property and infrastructure on the island.

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