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President urged to draft bills under standard procedure: Hood

  • Parliament committees are working to draft the bills submitted by the government
  • Overall 34 bills to be submitted to the 19th Parliament

K. Male' 2019 Oct 09 | Wed 18:22 local 2,958

President's Office Spokesperson Hood takes podium at an event - Presidents Office

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih forwarded a letter to the People’s Majlis, urging the house to carry out work of submitted bills under the standard procedure, revealed Spokesperson Ibrahim Hood.

Spokesperson at the President’s Office, Hood revealed this at a time a noticeable difference of opinion has surfaced between Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath and members of the main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), while work is being carried out to draft bills submitted by the government.

The government believes that bills must be drafted at the Attorney General’s office.

When inquired on the decision reached by the government, Hood revealed that the president addresses a letter to the Parliament detailing the bills the government will be forwarding to its ongoing 19th tenure, and that the letter specifically highlighted that work must be carried out under the set, standard procedure.

Hood added that the standard procedure is for the AG office to draft the bills and forward them to the President's Office, which will send them to the Majlis.

The standard procedure in question, is the AG office drafting bills forwarded to parliament.

Further noting that the parliament committees had begun work on the bills despite the president’s order, that the president is yet to comment on this.

The government is set to forward 34 bills to the ongoing tenure, which different committees have since begun work on.

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