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Cheating discovered in student enrollment at Iskandhar. Jamaaluddin

  • only 90 slots available at Iskandhar School for grade 1 but 288 students applied
  • 120 slots available at Jamaaludhin School for grade 1 but 396 students in catchment area

K. Male' 2019 Oct 09 | Wed 16:33 local 5,034

Inside iskandhar school - Mohamed Sharuhaan

Education Ministry has announced that they have discovered cheating in student enrollment in the Iskandar and Jamaaludhin School area.

According to the ministry, several applicants from outside the area, in an attempt to successfully enroll their children, are submitting falsified documentation claiming to live within the catchment area of the schools.

A letter was submitted to the ministry stating that approximately 40-50 students live in some houses of the area. Upon double-checking, the ministry found that this was not true.

The ministry stated the reasoning behind establishing regulations for student enrollment was the excessive amount of children in the catchment area of the school compared to the number of slots available for the 2020 batch of first graders in both these schools.

There are 90 slots available for grade 1 at Iskandar School, but there are more than 288 students living within the catchment area. Likewise, there are 120 slots available for grade 1 at Jamaaludhin school, but there are more than 396 students living within the catchment area

The ministry stated that student enrollment will continue fairly and according to regulation, adding that all applicants applying to schools within their area are guaranteed enrollment.

Furthermore, the ministry explained that the enrollment regulations were finalized after researching the number of available slots in each school and catering to as many students as possible inside the school's catchment area. The new regulations ensure that all students are able to successfully enroll in the school for the year 2020 within their area.

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