President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

President briefed on concerns raised by Felidhoo residents

  • The island requires recreational facilities for the youth community
  • "Measures will be taken after discussing with the relevant ministries"

K. Male' 2019 Sep 09 | Mon 23:33 local 2,136

Felidhoo councilors met with the President on Monday - Presidents Office

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has been briefed with the issues and concerns raised by the residents of Felidhoo council.

Felidhoo councilors met with Solih at the President’s Office on Monday.

While Solih inquired the council on the urgent needs of their constituents, he was also briefed on the progress of the ongoing development projects and future development plans for the island.

Sharing details of the concerns raised by their constituents, councilors noted beach erosion, improvement needed for the health sector and issues of sanitation regarding waste management.

They further urged the government to provide infrastructural requirements for sports and to build recreational facilities for the island’s youth community.

Having listened to their concerns, the President had assured that the required measures will be taken after discussions with the relevant ministries in order to tackle the issues at hand.

In addition, he shared updates and timelines of projects marked for the island within the scope of this year’s budget. As such, the harbor development project and powerhouse relocation project will commence during 2019, the President assured.

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